– I – Survived

I didn’t think I was going to. But I did, I survived episode 3 of Supernatural. 

Soul Survivor, directed by Jensen Ackles himself, was one of the best episodes of this series in a long time. Now it’s difficult for me to say that because as a fan I recognize how much of this season relies on its seasoned audience. So I’ll amend that – for people who’ve been watching since the beginning, this was one of the best episodes in a long time. (and even then I hesitate with that because the build up to this episode has been utterly fantastic)

This episode was ultimately, Sam healing Dean(spoilers, sorry). Dean and Sam are holed up in the bunker, the former tied up in the dungeon. Demon Dean does everything he can to get Sam to stop the healing ritual. (if you didn’t see that coming go back and watch the season 8 finale) When his terrifying lies don’t work he escapes and goes after him with a hammer. (there was quite a bit of #hammertime during the live tweeting) Throughout the ordeal Sam never gives up, despite having to face the fact that Dean may die in the process.

Cas and Hannah are on the way to the bunker and Cas makes his priorities quite clear. (TO THE BATCAVE) He realizes that Sam will need all the help he can get with Dean, especially if the ritual doesn’t go as planned. Of course they can’t get there in one piece, as they’re attacked by one of the rogue angels they were looking for earlier. The attack was short-lived when Crowley came to save the day, killing Adina and giving her grace to Castiel. (what was that about you not being sentimental Crowley? hmm??) Cas gets to the bunker just in time to save Sam and to assist as they continue to save Dean.

I loved Cas’ reactions in this episode. He acted completely differently to Hannah then he did Sam; (granted that probably had something to do with the new grace he’d just received) every conversation with Hannah was very human, empathetic and kind, understanding, and when he spoke with Sam and Dean he was far more angelic, detaching himself from them. He was never lacking in compassion, and I love this about Cas, but he also clearly separated himself from the boys.

Best part of the episode? The emphasis on family, and not just family but their family. The very reason that the brothers had even come this far was their unconditional love for each other. Throughout the episode the family theme played in different variations, reminiscing of better times for the brothers relationship as well as emphasizing the heart-wrenching struggle that Sam was going through to save what they had.

There was a simple scene with Sam, he is in Dean’s room and finds pictures of their family amongst his thing. It served not only as a reminder to Sam of what he was trying to save, but also as a reminder of who the true Dean is. Dean Winchester is many things and his demon calls into question much of what goes on in his mind, but his core is his family, always has been and always will be.

In the end Dean is saved (mostly) and we’re left with the reminder that it isn’t over. The mark of Cain is still a big problem, but Sam is going to take on one thing at a time. So he goes off to feed his brother junk food and the audience sits glued to the TV waiting for next week (or was that just me?).

Have I said how excited I am about this season? The arc is less about how many terrible things we can throw at the boys and far more about redemption and healing. It feels hopeful and progressive and I am thrilled (especially after all the terrible shows this season).

I’ll have more on this later – I can’t believe it’s only episode 3! So much to look forward too! (MUSICAL anybody?!?!?!)





The World Today

I – unfortunately – have fallen prey to Facebook’s new ‘trending’ initiative. Every day, I scroll through the news articles that everyone else in the world has deemed worthy enough to crowd my Facebook page. Sometimes they’re informative, often entertaining, and far more frequently they inspire me to write. (well, no, they inspire me to debate but as I have no one to listen I shall write instead)

Debate of the last several days? Breaking Bad and toys. Here is one official run-down if you haven’t already read about it.

Apparently a mother in Florida thought that the Breaking Bad action figures that are sold by Toys ‘R Us were inappropriate for children. Which is probably a fair assessment. Of course she did what every good mother does and created a petition to have the toys removed from the store, after which Toys ‘R Us complied with the 8,500 demands and pulled the toys indefinitely. Thanks to the wonders of social media we can hear directly from the stars of the show how they feel about that. Aaron Paul had his comebacks on Twitter, see them in this article.

Aaron Paul argues that the figures aren’t any worse of an influence than violent video games or Barbie dolls, and I have several things to say on that front. Last I checked the security on every video game was pretty high (because hello they’re all $70, not only are they in a special section but they are all tripled wrapped in those security boxes and you can’t even leave the section till you’ve bought it) This is all video games, E rating doesn’t get an exception. Last I checked any way, technology and society have changed drastically from when I shopped at Toys ‘R Us. (or any of my family) Bottom line? They aren’t handing out violent video games to every four year old that wanders into the store.

Barbie dolls get a bad rap. I mean really, the discussion these days is that she sets an unrealistic body image for girls. (as opposed to any of those other weird-ass looking girl toys, Bratz I’m looking at you) Someone on tumblr (I’m sorry I wish I knew who you were) made a valid point, that Barbie never was about body image or beauty (sure she is pretty, and sure we get to dress her up and that’s all great) but Barbie went on to be anything she wanted to! Princess, queen, lawyer, mom – I’m currently looking at President Barbies (yes Barbies – one from 2012 and one from 1992 folks).

On the flip side, I get that we live in a free country and that maybe a toy (regardless of whether or not it comes with plastic toy meth and cash) should be allowed to be sold in stores like Toys ‘R Us. It was also pointed out that these figures are sold in the ‘adult’ section of the store, which I can’t argue with too much.

So should such a controversial action figure be sold in a store that is specifically for children’s toys? I don’t know of too many adults my age or older who will go out of their way to go to Toys ‘R Us unless it’s the holidays and the other stores are out of a DVD or game. I could be wrong but Toys ‘R Us is hardly the go to place for collectibles. So is it really that big a deal whether the figures are sold or not?

Aaron Paul and moms in Florida want you to think so. It’s the principal of the thing, obviously.





On my way….

I just thought that you all would like to know how productive I’ve been this week.

OK, noooo, I didn’t finish Twin Peaks or American Horror Story.( or GalaxyQuest for that matter)

I did get quite a bit of writing done though. (yes in my fanfiction, no I don’t care that you’re judging me)  I’ll post some here as it is edited and formalized.

I am also about 20 pages away from finishing Rumble Fish. My attention span has been hard to please in recent years, mostly due to lack of discipline and this silly thing called technology. But this was the free pick of the week at Starbucks, so I downloaded it straight to my iPhone and got unexpectedly sucked in. The unique voice was so easy to read and the story was intriguing.

I picked up the piano again and have promptly learned the chords to Hey Jude. So that will be my go-to song at parties from now on. (ya know, the non-existent shindigs I always have to make an appearance at. where everyone is wearing formal attire and we’re sipping martinis and discussing art in the most pretentious fashion.)

These have been my past weekly successes. Thanks for listening =]



Now, before I get started, let’s clear something up.

No. Reichenbach isn’t, in all technicality, an actual word. Using my rather amateur internet sleuthing skills I confirmed that Reichenbach does indeed merely specify a location of waterfalls in Switzerland, or a rather significant episode in the life of the professional sleuth Sherlock Holmes. However with the recent BBC adaptation of Sherlock, more recent pop culture has devised an actual definition for the term. Aside from the obvious tie-ins to Sherlock, they describe it as dark emotion, associated with grief, abandonment etc.

With that said let’s talk about Reichenbach.

Wow. That’s all I have to say.

The opening scenes were so stressful. Between Dean and his bar fights and Cas’ clear deterioration, I was on edge. (granted, yes I am a little biased here) But the tone of the episode was quickly able to establish itself as significantly darker and more purposeful than the premiere.

We’re told of Cole’s back story (mostly) right away. He will prove to be a very interesting character and a new perspective, since we’ve all been down this road for so long. (poor Sam is listening to him like ‘revenge really man? come on’ clearly that will go down greeatt) Cole has no idea what he’s in for, and he’s not exactly open to it, which means he’s gonna have to learn the hard way.

There wasn’t too much on the Cas front this week. Hannah is learning about humanity and Cas’ empathy. Their mechanic makes the assumption that they’re a couple. I think I’d be ok if that is where they’re heading. Cas needs someone, if even just a friend to help take care of him.


Crowley has finally realized that his dream of the perfect hell won’t happen with Dean as his cohort. Dean botches a deal in regular ‘Dean’ fashion (albeit with more slicing) and Crowley responds in accordingly by giving him up to Sam. Crowley comments that Dean isn’t ‘relationship’ material (duh Crowley) and it cuts to Crowley speaking to Sam. Interesting.

‘Course Cole wasn’t entirely stupid in inadvertently letting Sam go, and he’s followed him to this bar to get to Dean. Where he promptly gets his ass-whooped. (surprised? no I’m not either) and Dean get’s caught by Sam.

So now Dean is on his way home, whether he wants to or not, with a brother who is intent on healing him. It seems that he’s more or less given up his struggle with humanity, after Crowley confronts him on it. (pick a side!) He’s going to do whatever the hell he wants and he won’t be stopped. (clearly this is him quitting responsibility, he doesn’t want to carry that weight anymore, what’s gonna happen when he comes out of this?)

Sam, on the other side, in heartbreaking fashion will not give up on his brother. (I nearly wept when he said ‘I’m here to take you home’) The question now is, how much is he willing to put into his brother to save him? Because a couple hours of human blood and a chant really is the least of their problems. That part is easy. That being said, I’m proud of him thus far.

As a whole, the episode was stressful, emotional and dark. It’s also becoming clear that the audience who will most appreciate this season are the fans who’ve watched since the beginning. Sure you could have hopped on in season eight or six or whatever, but the impact won’t be the same. (i can only imagine what it must be like for someone who started with this season haha) It was also amazing. Everything about it was top notch, and I cry for all the big shot networks that don’t get quality TV. (that’s a lie, you dug your own grave)  Now till tomorrow I’ll be busy petitioning for everyone to win Emmy’s. (I mean really. ‘The puppy dog eyes? What is this a Lifetime movie?’ chills.)

P.S. “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die.”





All by Myselfffff……(I hope you sang that)

I may or may not live at Disneyland. Since I’ve moved back from Oregon it’s really the only thing to do on my day off.

Not that I’m complaining mind you. It’s magical and it gets me out of the house and away.

Should any of you be visiting this area anytime soon though, go check out the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney. They showcase artists and their works. (specifically Disney/Marvel/Star Wars) There are so many really wonderful, original interpretations and it’s simply delightful. (also slightly depressing if you’re a padawan-artist yourself)

It really is lovely though and ya’ll should go take a peek. Go forth! Enjoy art!

Black (like my soul)

Tada! Here I am, late as always. There was meant to be a piece of art with this (hence why it’s taken so long) but I became rather annoyed at my lacking skills and instead burned said sketch with telekinesis. Also fair warning – spoilers for the Supernatural premiere ahead.

Black aired on Tuesday night. The season 10 premiere of Supernatural delivered everything it promised it would. Sammy is desperately searching for his missing brother, despite the note begging him to let Dean go. (nice to see he’s finally getting the memo) Castiel’s grace is slowly eating away at him and so Sam has chosen to step back so he can take care of himself. (not that he will, the boys never do) And demon Dean. (cos that is all that needs to be said)

There was a lot to take in this episode, but they handled it well and I never really felt overwhelmed. It’s clear that the season has a lot to address regarding the boys and Cas, and I’m intrigued about where it’s going.

First off, Cas and his grace is a big issue. He’s clearly deteriorated quite a bit since we last saw him but that won’t stop him from trying to help Sam, or subsequently Hannah when she calls on him. Hannah, his right hand man from last season if you recall, needs his assistance in hunting down angels that refuse to return to heaven. (Yes you heard that right) However, while it appears that Cas has become anti-free will once again, he is still deeply affected by his time as a human and I think he will be forced to choose between his two homes, unless he can combine them effectively.

In the meantime, not too much has changed with Sammy. He’s looking for his brother, which is a step in the right direction. But he’s also made some harrowing decisions. (when a demon calls you a monster, over your brother who is actually a demon, be scared) Decisions which then lead him to be kidnapped by some kid named Cole.

Cole. (or subplot #95, whatever you like to call him) Cole is a young ex-marine hunting Dean down for reasons as of yet unknown. I don’t know how I feel about him yet,(mostly cos he’s out to kill Dean) more on that as it unfolds.

Demon Dean is a package much more complicated than I expected. I knew he wasn’t going to care, I knew that he was going to do whatever he wanted. I just didn’t think that so much of Dean would still be a part of him.  It’s gut wrenching. (pff, I’m not desperately attached to this character at all)

Last but most certainly not least, Crowley. He’s never to be underestimated, ever. However his dependence on Dean is hilariously endearing. He also seems to have forgotten who he is dealing with. (newsflash Crowley: if Dean doesn’t wanna rebuild hell with you, he ain’t gonna do it)

As a whole, the episode was packed and will definitely need a rewatch (as soon as I am done with this) but it gave us what we wanted. There is so much to explore this season (after TEN YEARS) and I am thrilled.

Season 10 – here we come =]

Oops, it’s Been a While

Far more time has passed since my last blog than I intended. It’s been really nothing but work these days.  (yay the barista daily grind……heehee grind)

However I have accomplished two things this week!

One was visiting the preview (promotion? fundraiser?) of the Catfé in Chinatown. My friend took me as a belated birthday present so I could cuddle with kittens. (and weep inside when I couldn’t take them home) It’s a really cool idea, combining a café with the opportunity to cuddle with and potentially adopt kittens.

The second thing I did was hop to the theatre to see Annabelle, twice.

I enjoyed it. I thought it fit in nicely with the cinematic universe created by The Conjuring. The second viewing was far more enjoyable than the first, I could savor the jump scares as opposed to trying to figure the whole thing out. (simultaneously wondering when the movie will be over haha)

Sure, I thought the cult/demon plot was a little vague. The film is only an hour and a half and I would have appreciated more depth into motives and such. Considering the amount of demon lore that is around after all these centuries there could have been a lot to explore.

Also, yes, the acting is forgettable. But then, who went to see the film for any of the human actors anyway?

Things I really appreciated 1) adorable baby, like absolutely freakin’ adorable. That child made me want to have kids and I hate them. 2) you never saw Annabelle move, and that to me was incredibly terrifying and far more realistic. In real life we never have cameras to replay inanimate objects that cross the room, we just return and they’ve moved, no sign of how or why. I loved that.

Overall I’m gonna give this movie a B-. Not mind blowingly awesome, but entertaining and something I’d watching again.

Also on a closing note, there was a trailer for a cinematic re-release of Saw. I’ve never seen it and it looks terrifying but I will probably give it a try. I guess it’s a classic and it’s October so I feel obligated.

P.S. Tuesday, the 7th is the daySupernatural season (squeals) 10 premieres and I am apologizing in advance for the desperate amount of nerd that will follow. I’ve also just downloaded the first episode of Gracepoint and I’ll let you know how that went. (just go watch Broadchurch already yeesh)