In My Spare Time

I promised sketches – and I have a plethora from the past week or so

practice, practice, practice

whether I like them or not, that’s what this is about, practice.

I tried to branch out with some new faces =]




This started as a face, but I was getting rather heated about his eyes so I set about to practice those.

(sorry Chuck – I’ll come back to you and finish you one day)



It’s funny how a picture of a sketch shows you all the major flaws you missed before.





(I will not panic over those terrible eyes….)



I actually am quite proud of Sammy.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and weren’t TOO trampled by the holiday shopping.

Barista out!



Coffeeshop Etiquette

This is a public PSA – that will probably at one point become a book (cos I could write a book on this subject).

Tomorrow is Black Friday. Everyone is out shopping and spending more money than they have. They’re stressed out by expectations and planning, and tempers are generally high all around.

I’ve worked retail for about 6 years now and believe me, there is an instantaneous shift in everyones attitude just as November hits. It’s terrifying.

So, here’s your one-stop coffee-shop etiquette for the holidays.

You aren’t a comedian: I promise that everyone has said that line before (you know the one, ‘if it’s not tagged it must be free!’ or  ‘how does a coffee-shop run out of coffee?’ and the multiple variations thereof). Believe it or not, we don’t find it funny. We’ve heard them all, repeatedly, and we can pick up on the subtle bitter undertone. If you must say something of that nature please ensure that your tone is positive (or else we’re inclined to believe you’re a moocher). The quality of the service you receive during the holidays relies greatly on you. 

We know that you’re stressed: Actually everyone in the city knows, they can feel your glare in downtown LA. Believe it or not, there are other people around you who are equally as stressed and that includes the people serving you. The quality of the service you receive during the holidays relies greatly on you. 

You don’t look like Bob: Don’t be stupid, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, but please use all of your brainpower before picking up a drink and taking a swig. Countless Caramel Brulee Frappuccinos for John are lost to Rachel’s who should have picked up hot Skinny Vanilla Lattes. We understand that you’re busy and often in a rush, but we’ve written a name on that cup to help ensure you get what you want (we also like to believe you’re competent enough to know the difference between a hot drink and an iced one). The quality of the service you receive during the holidays relies greatly on you.


We know how badly you need that *fill in the blank*: Be it the Chestnut Praline Latte, soy milk in your latte or that specific gift card design you went to four different stores for – we know.  Please be understanding when we can’t accommodate your Christmas wishes, we really are trying (believe it or not we didn’t personally orchestrate this just to inconvenience you) The quality of the service you receive during the holidays relies greatly on you. 

Now speaking from experience, this holiday is going to FLY by without time for you to even blink. Take that time you’re spending waiting for your decaf peppermint mocha frappuccino with extra whip and pumpkin sprinkles and breathe. Enjoy the holiday and the sparkly red decor we spent hours putting up for you, converse with a stranger or even your barista (given they aren’t flying at 100 miles an hour trying to shell out the 40 drinks before yours). You’ll be glad you did!

For the fans

Late late late – that’s all this is and I won’t bother to make excuses for it.

Here are my thoughts on Fan Fiction and Ask Jeeves. (spoilers ahead….ish)

Fan Fiction 

Here it is at last, the celebrated 200th episode.

Was it good? Did it nod appropriately to the past ten years and the fans that have followed the show so closely?

Yes and triple yes. It was the basic monster-of-the-week plot, that just happened to take place in the theatre department of an all-girls school. The department that just happened to be performing a musical of Carver Edlund’s book series Supernatural. (aka the boys lives in case you missed season….4,5,6 and 7)

The music was incredible, it was catchy and sincere. The episode was funny, but never patronizing. Every aspect of the fandom was touched upon (destiel, wincest….Adam) and never once did it feel like they were talking down to us (I’m speaking for myself at least). Each ship was treated with respect and there was a clear message of acceptance ( ‘We have our version and you have yours’).

Not to mention we got to see the boys being the WinchestersBrothers. Dean’s quips are back ( ‘say that again but more like Schwarzenegger’) and they’re working together.

This episode reminds you of why this show is still alive and why we’re still so invested. It was a beautiful tribute (yes, I cried).

Ask Jeeves

I screamed when I saw the preview of this episode. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and watching Masterpeice Mystery (usually BBC productions of Agatha Christie’s aaammmaazzing work). So obviously I was pretty excited about an episode based on CLUE (let’s be honest, I’m still excited about it).

The boys get a call on one of Bobby’s old phones that Bobby (or his next of kin) is a beneficiary to a certain Bunny Lacroix and their presence is needed for the reading of the will (heehee). This leads to two murders, one family of pretention and loads of Clue references.

It was a great monster-of-the-week story, akin to the several before it. However we’re reminded that all is not well in Winchester-land when at the end Dean gets a little carried away when he takes out the shifter. Sam confronts him about it and Dean shuts him off, refusing to converse at all. Looks like we’re back to the old game of deceit again, though it was inevitable considering the Mark of Cain still hasn’t been resolved.

Next week looks to be much more plot than we’ve had the last couple of episodes (Cas, Hannah and Crowley are back **squee**).

I get anxiety just thinking about it (good anxiety I am SO excited). Can’t wait for the rest of the season! (JODY MILLS, CHARLIE, SHERIFF DONNA) **hem**

On unsaved Drafts

I finally sat down, coffee on one side of the table and wrote. I managed to finally get a review down that I was happy with and then BAM just as I hit publish, the error page came up. I did the logical thing and refreshed the page and thus lost three days of work…

I knowww, it happens to everyone. First world problems, old news. All that jazz. Doesn’t make me any less sad (or any more motivated for that matter). So instead of making up for lost time, I procrastinated all week and went to Disneyland.

I’m not sorry.

I do plan on writing this weekend. Even if I have to go to drastic measures to do so. Holiday one-shots and sketches galore!


My favorite meal EVER. True art as far as holiday and food is concerned. I’ll gorge myself after work (serving coffee for all you brave enough to shop on the holiday as opposed to the wee hours of the next morning)

Sketches soon =]

Paper Moon (but I’m singing Paperback Writer)

Episode 4 – Paper Moon 

We’re ONE DAY away from the episode – the big 200. Ecstatic joy for that aside, we can’t forget last weeks episode.

Small monster of the week plot, no big myth arcs or overall plot points. No Cas, no Crowley and you know what? That is just fine.

The episode centered around the boys and their recovery, which is so rare. When was the last time we saw them just sit and drink beer? (and I don’t mean ‘I’m gonna drink this till I can’t feel anymore’ drinking, just relaxing – yeah, I’ll let you go think about that)  The ‘no hunting’ sign was such a wonderful touch (I may or may not have cried a little bit). Not only that, but the boys actually speak to each other. Dean goes out of his way to talk to Sam, to make sure they’re on the same page. Sam opens up to him so that Dean can understand him and vice versa. The boys are rebuilding themselves together. 

If that isn’t everything you want from this show, then you may need to rethink your priorities.

Yes, there was that whole sub-plot with Kate (remember her? from that terrible found footage episode from two years ago? yeahhhhh that one) who’s turned her sister into a werewolf so she won’t be alone anymore. Obviously there are repercussions as her sister doesn’t really care too much about staying on the straight and narrow, despite how far Kate goes to protect her.

The girls are really a litmus test for the boys, especially Dean. 8 years ago we could have predicted both of the boys every move, and now that they’ve been shaken and put back, are they still fundamentally the same? The answer is very much yes. After all of the crap they’ve been through and what they’ve done they are still the same. Season 10 Dean is still very much little Dean from 10 years ago, and the same goes for Sam.

Episodes like this do make me lament that guest stars are rarely on the same level as the boys (aside from the obvious exceptions) however after watching television with the rest of America this year even the best of television isn’t up to par (there really are very few exceptions to this, at least admit to yourself that you’re watching crap).

This was a great episode for our boys, and that’s all that matters right?

Saving People, hunting things, the family business.



I was supposed to be writing – but I wasn’t quite in the mood so I finished off a charcoal sketch I began on Friday

I am actually quite proud of it – so I’m showing off its sketch milestones thus far =]



Step 1 – face forming after I’d done work on his eyes – eyes are hugely important to me because they’re always so unique. They’re my biggest challege but also my favorite.



Milestone? Step? Part? 2 – Face shaping and look! a chin!


Numero 3 – Jaw line – oh yess.



Part 4 – more face shape and the beginnings of a splendid ear.


Step 5ish – blimey he’s got facial hair now!


The not-so-grand Finale! I won’t say it’s finished yet, because I have plenty to fix, but this is where I’ve stopped for now!

Coffee Shop Doodles






A couple of days ago I finally, accepted (I guess that’s the right word) that my artistic journey doesn’t have to happen overnight. I may be frustrated that my skills don’t convey what I want them to quite yet, but that just means I have to practice more.  

I spend….well let’s be real, all of my days at Starbucks. I work there 5-6 days a week and on my days off I hang out (cos I’d rather be at work than at home). Yesterday I mustered up some productivity and so below are some of my sketches (not complete mind you, but feel free to judge away, I’m a beginner and still struggling). 


(I got some new charcoal pencils I wanted to try out – they’re from God) 


(one of my regulars wanted me to draw his nose. it’s not great) 




Hopefully more will happen as the holiday approaches, a couple years back I drew the 11th Doctor with a Santa hat and I want to do more along those lines this year (maybe Sherlock?). Arrrrt!!! =]