For the fans

Late late late – that’s all this is and I won’t bother to make excuses for it.

Here are my thoughts on Fan Fiction and Ask Jeeves. (spoilers ahead….ish)

Fan Fiction 

Here it is at last, the celebrated 200th episode.

Was it good? Did it nod appropriately to the past ten years and the fans that have followed the show so closely?

Yes and triple yes. It was the basic monster-of-the-week plot, that just happened to take place in the theatre department of an all-girls school. The department that just happened to be performing a musical of Carver Edlund’s book series Supernatural. (aka the boys lives in case you missed season….4,5,6 and 7)

The music was incredible, it was catchy and sincere. The episode was funny, but never patronizing. Every aspect of the fandom was touched upon (destiel, wincest….Adam) and never once did it feel like they were talking down to us (I’m speaking for myself at least). Each ship was treated with respect and there was a clear message of acceptance ( ‘We have our version and you have yours’).

Not to mention we got to see the boys being the WinchestersBrothers. Dean’s quips are back ( ‘say that again but more like Schwarzenegger’) and they’re working together.

This episode reminds you of why this show is still alive and why we’re still so invested. It was a beautiful tribute (yes, I cried).

Ask Jeeves

I screamed when I saw the preview of this episode. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and watching Masterpeice Mystery (usually BBC productions of Agatha Christie’s aaammmaazzing work). So obviously I was pretty excited about an episode based on CLUE (let’s be honest, I’m still excited about it).

The boys get a call on one of Bobby’s old phones that Bobby (or his next of kin) is a beneficiary to a certain Bunny Lacroix and their presence is needed for the reading of the will (heehee). This leads to two murders, one family of pretention and loads of Clue references.

It was a great monster-of-the-week story, akin to the several before it. However we’re reminded that all is not well in Winchester-land when at the end Dean gets a little carried away when he takes out the shifter. Sam confronts him about it and Dean shuts him off, refusing to converse at all. Looks like we’re back to the old game of deceit again, though it was inevitable considering the Mark of Cain still hasn’t been resolved.

Next week looks to be much more plot than we’ve had the last couple of episodes (Cas, Hannah and Crowley are back **squee**).

I get anxiety just thinking about it (good anxiety I am SO excited). Can’t wait for the rest of the season! (JODY MILLS, CHARLIE, SHERIFF DONNA) **hem**


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