I have many flaws.

I could create a list that crosses nations.

Discipline is one thing I’m not great at – this blog is clear evidence of that.

However, that being said, I am very proud to say I’ve been to the gym consistently for a little over two weeks now. I’m hoping that while I am taking control over more of my limited free time I can discipline myself in other areas as well.

It also appears that I will be going back to school. Gonna get that online film degreeeeee. Not sure what I’m going to do with it just yet, but it’s a degree – which will prove far more useful to me than nothing at all.

I’m workin’ on that discipline thing. It’s one of the keys to art right? Alongside hard work and perseverance.

Sketches soon =]




It’s Friday – Fridayyy

It’s Friday – the 13th! Guess what that meanssssss!!!!

I finally sat down and watched the original Friday the 13th. It’s honestly embarrassing how long it took me to watch considering how much I love horror, the classics in particular. It’s even more embarrassing that I saw the ’09 sequel (part? extension?) before I saw the original.

Thankfully the classic did not disappoint me as much as the ’09 one did. Sure, the acting was a little awkward at times (let’s not talk about those final fight scenes), the dialogue isn’t particularly solid and – considering I’m watching this in the 21st century – the effects weren’t exactly terrifying.

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t things to love.

Everybody died! Sometimes you just need a movie where everyone gets picked off. I am often mildly annoyed (alright, very annoyed) when the story is driven by those three idiots who’ve managed to survive (through no fault of their own) and perilously wander around without any sense (I’m looking at you ’09 reboot….).

Cheesy deaths sure, but decent ones nonetheless.

The music reminded me of Psycho. There was very little of it, but when there was music it was fast paced and panic-y.

Kevin Bacon is adorable. I don’t know why I haven’t binge watched more of his stuff – but I should.

I loved all the shots putting you in the eye of Mrs. Voorhees. The anticipation of what was coming kept me interested.

The cheesy, happy music at the end is priceless.

I can see why it’s a classic but please excuse me, I must now go watch the other 11.

Dapper Day

It was my first official Dapper Day – was pretty much useless while a friend took my brothers senior pictures.

On the bright side I got some cool shots of them! 

My brother is quite dashing – and there’s nothing like Disneyland for a backdrop.

Ok – it’s not my brother – but Carsland is my absolute favourite – I won’t ever tire of it.

The man who started it all =]