It’s been almost three months since I forced myself to no longer live in denial.

Funny thing is – life makes a lot more sense now and I feel like I am finally moving forward.

That doesn’t mean it’s getting easier, actually it gets harder everyday.

But despite the struggle, parts of my life are coming together.

My faith has been strengthened over the last several weeks. My faith isn’t something I talk too much about, but I’ve clung to it even through a rocky history. Daily I see God’s sovereignty in my life and it is encouraging.

My friends have proved daily that family doesn’t end with blood. They are truly godsends  and I can’t believe how blessed I am to be surrounded by such positive, uplifting people.

I am getting an apartment and moving out of my parents house again! It’s a big deal for me and one that will ultimately prove to be of great influence.

With the apartment in mind I decided to adopt a kitty, who doesn’t have a name yet and is already spoiled rotten. Expect pictures of her soon.

My art is progressing nicely. More sketchbook editions are on their way.

All together the last couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind.Whirlwinds don’t stop though so I’ll Always Keep Fighting.


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