sketchbook edition #3

 The fun part of moving is going through all the fun stuff I have packed away in my closet. Not only did I discover some half empty sketchbooks with plenty of drawing room, but I also found plenty old pieces I’ve drawn that I am actually proud of! Most of the following are Supernatural related, save for the last one (yay Sherlock!) 

Season 9 – experiments with multiple subjects – not complete but not too bad


Charcoal! I should do more of this – I adore the tones

Jo Harvelle – because I needed a subject other than the boys.

Baby Sam and Jessica


The Boys

Meg – another attempt at a female figure

This was more of a full figure study as opposed to his face

More figure studies

Working on interactions between people – Bobby and Ellen

Baby Sam and Dean – more interactions


Figure studies of the boys

Tried changing the perspective of his face – Dean

This was for Andrea a while back – also muscles are fun to draw

John Watson – fun with light sources