Snow! A Supernatural One-shot



“Well?” Rory called to Dean. She pursed her lips, blowing fog at him and feeling decidedly like a dragon. Dean shut the hood of the impala, looking across it at Rory and raising an eyebrow. At least someone was being entertained by their plight. He could have listened when Sam had warned them about the impending snow. But then, Sammy never could get his facts straight when he had a fever. How was he supposed to know what to believe?

“She’ll be fine,” he crunched through the snow to her. “I’ll walk to the garage and grab some chains and stuff, will you watch her? Cas’ll be back in a second with coffee.”

“The chains you left behind because we didn’t need them.” Rory didn’t even try to hide her smirk.  “Maybe I should just go find Cas, she’ll be fine on her own. It’s not like anyone lives in town, let alone on this street. Even if they did, they’re not going steal a ‘67 Impala.” Dean clenched his jaw together, purposefully looking away. She smirked. She had no idea why, but she took an odd pleasure in pissing him off.

“Will you just….”

“I know I know, don’t worry, I’ll guard her with my life.” she nudged his arm. “Now get. The sooner you return the sooner we can get home.”

“You don’t like being stuck in the cold?” he waggled his eyebrows. Rory gave a pointed look at the mounds of snow around them.

“I won’t be the only one in about two seconds.”

Dean held out his hands as he backed away.

“You’re picking a fight with the wrong guy.” he called. Rory rolled her eyes.

“Uh huh, talk big.” she leaned against the hood of the car and watched him disappear down the road. The chill settled through her and she shoved her hands into her pockets, shrinking against the car. The quiet town was now deathly still with the thick layers of snow. It was peaceful and biting.

She could hear Cas crunching through the snow before she saw him. He was laboring towards her, small puffs of smoke matching his labored breathing.

“You didn’t have to run. Why exactly didn’t you ninja your way back here?”He set the tray of coffee atop the impala, leaning on the hood.

“Sam thinks I should experience more things, it’s supposed to help me assimilate.” he replied. Rory grinned.

“That seems wise.” she paused, getting an idea. “You want to really experience snow?”

Dean wasn’t surprised when the impala came into view and there was no one near her. He also wasn’t surprised to see the snow around the car had been ravished. He smirked and shook his head. She thought she could get him? No sir, he’d been at this for too long, he knew better. He looked over at Kevin who’d walked over with him from the bunker. Gesturing for him to keep walking Dean quietly dropped the chains and picked up two handfuls of snow. Kevin grinned, lengthening his steps, ensuring his crunching could be heard from the impala.

Dean crept around the car till he was facing Cas and Rory’s backs. In one quick swoop he’d shoved both snowballs down their backs and retreated around the car. The two hollered as freezing snow dripped down their backs. Rory whirled around on her knees and pelted Dean with the stack of snowballs she’d armed herself with. He dodged her first several attempts, grinning ear to ear.

“What was that about being cold? Hmm??” he taunted, reaching down to arm himself once again.

“Oh you’re gonna get it Winchester.”