The Olden Days

I have a love of many of the arts.

Apparently I have a problem with picking one and sticking to it.

I like to think it makes me well rounded (whether it actually does or not remains to be seen).

Tonight in particular I found myself watching a video, here, of Vanessa Hudgens performing a song from her show Gigi for Kelly and Michael.

Yes my friends, Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical is taking the place of Leslie Caron for the new stage version of Gigi.

I cried a little when I first heard the news. Not only do I sincerely love musical theatre (having grown up with the classics and performed for a wee bit) but it’s also a classic film with a wonderful wonderful actress (I adore Leslie Caron – watch Lili or The Glass Slipper – that is providing you have already seen An American in Paris and Daddy Long Legs). 

It is so very hard for me to watch classic roles taken over by modern artists – there’s a timelessness to these works that can rarely be achieved again.

Now all of that being said – I wasn’t as automatically horrified by her performance as I had expected to be. Her voice is quite devoid of the pop tones that kill the atmosphere for me.

I might actually want to see more…….**rubs chin**