Things I’m Good At… #disneyland

I don’t always take pride in what I do….but I do love taking pictures of Disneyland and these past couple weeks I went quite a bit.

The blue carnations are for the 60th Anniversary – we also had a lovely hostess who told us riddles while we waited for our table = thank you Jet!

Castle, flowers, the usual =]

Really though, the assortment of flora throughout the park is stunning

Once Upon a Time

The Bux – I can’t say how grateful I am for this being at the Parks now #notanaddict


Dapper Day

It was my first official Dapper Day – was pretty much useless while a friend took my brothers senior pictures.

On the bright side I got some cool shots of them! 

My brother is quite dashing – and there’s nothing like Disneyland for a backdrop.

Ok – it’s not my brother – but Carsland is my absolute favourite – I won’t ever tire of it.

The man who started it all =]

It’s Tuesday again

Another Tuesday come and gone. Next week is Valentine’s day – chocolate, ALL of the chocolate.

Or coffee and caramel in my case haha.




For those of you who didn’t leave your houses tonight – the moon was gorgeous.

This terrible picture does it no justice.


We stopped to admire the fire at ‘Varsity’, the restaurant that has now replaced ‘The Tilted Kilt’

I’m honestly amazed at how long it lasted in the first place. We tried to capture the sparkly stones and clearly we failed.



It’s in the details

One of my favorite past-times is Disneyland.

I go as often as I can, and I take pictures all the time because the detail in every stone continues to astound me.

Here are some that I took when I dragged my brother to the new Frozen Fun event in California Adventure. Say what you will about Frozen, I adored every aspect of this.




Apparently at night Rapunzel LIGHTS UP – my life is complete