These Days

Week two of school!

First exam and first essay are due in the next day or so – so obviously I’m on here writing instead of getting that done. I’m learning quite a bit about the history of film. My classes are rekindling my love for the oldies and I have to refrain from going on a Ginger Rogers binge-watch. I also reallllly love talking about film, and I knew that because it’s something I do in my everyday life, but it’s even more apparent on my discussion boards.

That being said… I watched the Brazilian film Central Station for class. Good film – Brazil isn’t a country I think of automatically when I hear foreign film, but I enjoyed it. Next on the list for class is Pan’s Labyrinth because no, I have not seen it yet.

I also watched the first two episodes of Arrested Development – I haven’t decided if I like it yet or not. The first couple of episodes are rough and I want to give it a chance because Jessica Walters! (Archer people – it’s a gift from God)

If I ever catch up on my homework I’ll finish up X Files and American Horror Story: Coven. 

There’s a lot going on right now, between work and school.



I didn’t miss this….

I started school today.

Yes…it’s online, so it isn’t exactly the same. Yet weirdly it does. All the awkward introductions are there, with the same forced regurgitation of the information we’ve already been fed.

It’s strange to me how, despite being a totally different college with completely different professors, it feels the same.

Now comes the monumental task of making room for all these assignments amongst the rest of my life.

I have to become even more disciplined, even more efficient with my time. Which is a feat – I am not originally an efficient or disciplined person (just take one look at my bedroom). Maybe…

PSA: Asylums are still creepy

I finally finished American Horror Story: Asylum.

It took me a truly embarrassing amount of time, though this season is far more squeamish than the last. It just wasn’t something that was easy to watch in a pitch black house at 1 am.

My favorite part of this show is the cast – not only their character work but their work together as an ensemble. Zachary Quinto literally made me squirm(he’s terrifying and you can’t convince me otherwise) and Jessica Lange creates a character that is so well-rounded.

The story takes place in an insane asylum(the title didn’t give that away at all) in the early 1960s. Not only does the season explore the obvious terror factor in an asylum(old psychiatric practices are akin to Saw, so it’s the perfect playground for a horror show) but they also address the misogynistic society of the time. Women were degraded and tortured for ‘their own good’. Men, in this case Doctor Arden, the Monsignor and Doctor Threadson, use their ‘psychiatry’ or their ‘sanity’ to silence women who’ve found out the  horrific truth about them.

An interesting theme was the contrast of absolute darkness attracted to absolute purity. Doctor Arden’s Nazi background and complete apathy for humanity countered his obsession/love for the nun Mary Eunice. I also appreciated the culmination of Kit and Sister Jude’s stories.

Truth be told, this season gave me quite a bit of paranoia and anxiety, in the best way possible. Thought provoking, chilling, and terrifying. Absolutely what you want out of horror television.

Long overdue

It was obligatory. I’d seen the first Hobbit movie and most of the second one, so naturally I went to see the final film.

Those midnight treks are fun, regardless of the film (or it’s predecessors). There is a mutual excitement that the audience shares with each other in anticipation of the epic that awaits(generally speaking, I don’t know anyone who goes to midnight showings for Rom-Coms).

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies picks up exactly where The Desolation of Smaug left off. Dragon goes to Laketown to destroy basically all of it, aside from a remarkable amount of people, whilst the dwarves do nothing. The dwarves now have their mountain and all of it’s riches, and of course the surviving people of Laketown and Thranduil, king of Jerk-wood, want a piece of what is left. Meanwhile Thorin (King Dwarf in case you didn’t know) has the ‘dragon sickness’, basically meaning he’s become obsessed with his long sought for wealth.

Add all that together and what do you get? A two hour long battle scene over a bunch of gold. Oh, and the orcs – two armies of them, because what’s a battle in Middle Earth without the Dark Lord trying to take over.

It was a far more entertaining two hours than the last two films. Mostly because I have always been a hardcore Legolas fangirl and he definitely got his time to shine. It’s also more fun to see people get decapitated for two hours than to watch them trek through New Zealand for the same amount of time.

Two of my big disappointments were A) the special effects – there were far too many. Not long into the film I decided I was watching a video game and not a live-action movie. This is the same beef I had with the last two films and it angers me because we came to expect so much out of Peter Jackson’s work (really though…why the fake orcs…WHYYY) B) sound mixing – sound editing? whoever is involved with adding the music and dialogue in. The dialogue felt so fake, everything was loud and hyper-stereo, I didn’t believe that the actors were actually speaking during the scene (adding to the whole ‘video game’ feel) The music felt constantly stifled, I often wanted it to soar with the battle but it didn’t. It just sort of sat beneath the ice that Thorin was fighting. C) the love triangle. It was pointless. Neither the film or the story needed it (though I appreciated Legolas’ part in it – he’s such a great elf **dreamy sigh**).

It was a fun time though and not particularly a waste of money. Will I be surprised when it gets near nothing at the awards shows? No, and I’m sorry in advance to the people who will be legitimately sad that it doesn’t. The awards like to think they have some sort of standard **she remarked dubiously**.


The Beginning

Day One:

I’m going to do this.

I am going to keep up a blog. Consistently.

This is far harder than it should be, but then my writing skills have diminished over the years.

I have always wanted to write a blog about the arts. Originally that’s why I started Tumblr but I rapidly got sucked into the world of fandoms and lost any sort of productive conversation. Not that I really lamented that in any way, it’s a wonderful forum that introduced me to some of my favorite shows and artists.

That being said, this particular blog will be for the productive commentary that I had intended.

Practice makes perfect right? So hopefully the more I do this the better I get.

More later! =]