Random News – Just for Fun

In case you hadn’t heard….

Supernatural has been renewed for it’s 11th season. ELEVEN. 

Not only is this exciting for me as a fan, but it’s incredible to see a genre show with limited viewership get this far.

I keep hearing ‘that show is still on the air!?!’ followed by gaping jaws of disbelief. It’s been ten years and yes, it’s still on. And the best part? It’s still relevant. The show is about the boys again, and the current story lines are deeply personal and weighty (I was going to include a joke about how you can’t really relate to the Mark of Cain here, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because it actually is very real and symbolic – someday I’ll write a whole novel about that).

So say what you will, I get that some people are annoyed about it but that’s the way it goes. I for one am ecstatic – deal.

That being said – Jane the Virgin was also renewed which isn’t surprising considering their Golden Globe win. To be fair, I haven’t seen any of the show, so I don’t really have any just reason to be as angry as I am. But it’s aggravating to see other shows with talent get passed up, especially for the CW. Let’s be real, there isn’t much there that is worth awarding (save for a certain show I could mention about a pair of brothers who hunt evil……ok and Whose Line – duh)

Lea Michelle and now Nick Jonas have joined Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens for the coming year. This terrifies me because I cannot stand Lea Michelle (I tried, I watched some of Glee and I tried)  and last I checked Nick couldn’t act for beans. Though I suppose in retrospect – Ryan Murphy is pretty hit and miss to begin with so we’ll see how that goes.

New photos from the set of Sherlock have emerged (I say new but it’s been, like a week). You can view the new and interesting costumes here. There are a slew of reasons why our Sherlock and Watson look like they’ve joined Guy Ritchie’s adventures and none of them make any sort of sense within the logic of the show. I’m doing my very very best to hold out my thoughts till the special airs, but I’m already massively annoyed with Steven Moffat as it is.

ABC just announced they’re ordering a crime-thriller from Shonda Rimes – it looks to be headed by solely females which I find fantastic. It’s also been pointed out that ABC is one of the most diverse networks on television. It’s just a pity that all of the shows are so formulaic and bland.

ALSO – big news of the day! Emma Watson has just been officially announced to play Belle in Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast. It’s been a rumor for quite some time now and it’s nice to know it’s official. I should be wary – as we didn’t need a live-action anything. However I adore Emma Watson and Beauty and the Beast will forever be one of my favorite stories. And it’s Disney. I may just weep tears of joy until it’s release.

In case ya’ll are interested in more news like this – follow me on Twitter! I make valid attempts to retweet all the interesting industry news for those who care like I do. I like fun facts and staying in the loop!

Also – Happy Monday everyone – I’m proud of you for making it through the day!





‘It takes a special talent to make your viewers empathize with something they know doesn’t exist.’

I said that to my friend late the other night and she suggested I expound on that here. We were talking specifically about Doctor WhoSherlock, and Supernatural. Though really, this sentiment extends to anything in the genre realm – be it Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy or Agent Carter (Firefly, Star Wars, Fringe, X Files – the list goes on for years).

It really is a gift, to be able to take these characters and universes that are so far removed from our own and make us empathize and care for them as if they were real. And that’s the ultimate draw isn’t it? Sitcoms don’t address humanity in the way that genre television often does. The symbolism that attaches us to certain characters or stories just isn’t there.

Not only do these shows address humanity but they do so in universes that are far more interesting than our own. Doctor Who is set in a reality where aliens successfully take over the government, and where giant Titanic spaceship sails above our skies. The X Files is set in a universe where aliens exist under our very noses. The Originals, Buffy and Supernatural all have monsters living amongst us.

As a viewer we know aliens aren’t sneaking through our sewers, nor (generally speaking) do we believe our neighbor is possessed. But we still completely believe these worlds and buy into them.

I love it! I really love that some genius sits in a coffee-shop or in an office and comes up with these wonderful ideas. I love that someone else takes those ideas and creates set and light designs. I love that actors believe in these stories enough to tell them in complete honesty. I love that there are whole conventions devoted to bringing together people with similar interests, so they can enjoy these stories together.


Now, before I get started, let’s clear something up.

No. Reichenbach isn’t, in all technicality, an actual word. Using my rather amateur internet sleuthing skills I confirmed that Reichenbach does indeed merely specify a location of waterfalls in Switzerland, or a rather significant episode in the life of the professional sleuth Sherlock Holmes. However with the recent BBC adaptation of Sherlock, more recent pop culture has devised an actual definition for the term. Aside from the obvious tie-ins to Sherlock, they describe it as dark emotion, associated with grief, abandonment etc.

With that said let’s talk about Reichenbach.

Wow. That’s all I have to say.

The opening scenes were so stressful. Between Dean and his bar fights and Cas’ clear deterioration, I was on edge. (granted, yes I am a little biased here) But the tone of the episode was quickly able to establish itself as significantly darker and more purposeful than the premiere.

We’re told of Cole’s back story (mostly) right away. He will prove to be a very interesting character and a new perspective, since we’ve all been down this road for so long. (poor Sam is listening to him like ‘revenge really man? come on’ clearly that will go down greeatt) Cole has no idea what he’s in for, and he’s not exactly open to it, which means he’s gonna have to learn the hard way.

There wasn’t too much on the Cas front this week. Hannah is learning about humanity and Cas’ empathy. Their mechanic makes the assumption that they’re a couple. I think I’d be ok if that is where they’re heading. Cas needs someone, if even just a friend to help take care of him.


Crowley has finally realized that his dream of the perfect hell won’t happen with Dean as his cohort. Dean botches a deal in regular ‘Dean’ fashion (albeit with more slicing) and Crowley responds in accordingly by giving him up to Sam. Crowley comments that Dean isn’t ‘relationship’ material (duh Crowley) and it cuts to Crowley speaking to Sam. Interesting.

‘Course Cole wasn’t entirely stupid in inadvertently letting Sam go, and he’s followed him to this bar to get to Dean. Where he promptly gets his ass-whooped. (surprised? no I’m not either) and Dean get’s caught by Sam.

So now Dean is on his way home, whether he wants to or not, with a brother who is intent on healing him. It seems that he’s more or less given up his struggle with humanity, after Crowley confronts him on it. (pick a side!) He’s going to do whatever the hell he wants and he won’t be stopped. (clearly this is him quitting responsibility, he doesn’t want to carry that weight anymore, what’s gonna happen when he comes out of this?)

Sam, on the other side, in heartbreaking fashion will not give up on his brother. (I nearly wept when he said ‘I’m here to take you home’) The question now is, how much is he willing to put into his brother to save him? Because a couple hours of human blood and a chant really is the least of their problems. That part is easy. That being said, I’m proud of him thus far.

As a whole, the episode was stressful, emotional and dark. It’s also becoming clear that the audience who will most appreciate this season are the fans who’ve watched since the beginning. Sure you could have hopped on in season eight or six or whatever, but the impact won’t be the same. (i can only imagine what it must be like for someone who started with this season haha) It was also amazing. Everything about it was top notch, and I cry for all the big shot networks that don’t get quality TV. (that’s a lie, you dug your own grave)  Now till tomorrow I’ll be busy petitioning for everyone to win Emmy’s. (I mean really. ‘The puppy dog eyes? What is this a Lifetime movie?’ chills.)

P.S. “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die.”





Black (like my soul)

Tada! Here I am, late as always. There was meant to be a piece of art with this (hence why it’s taken so long) but I became rather annoyed at my lacking skills and instead burned said sketch with telekinesis. Also fair warning – spoilers for the Supernatural premiere ahead.

Black aired on Tuesday night. The season 10 premiere of Supernatural delivered everything it promised it would. Sammy is desperately searching for his missing brother, despite the note begging him to let Dean go. (nice to see he’s finally getting the memo) Castiel’s grace is slowly eating away at him and so Sam has chosen to step back so he can take care of himself. (not that he will, the boys never do) And demon Dean. (cos that is all that needs to be said)

There was a lot to take in this episode, but they handled it well and I never really felt overwhelmed. It’s clear that the season has a lot to address regarding the boys and Cas, and I’m intrigued about where it’s going.

First off, Cas and his grace is a big issue. He’s clearly deteriorated quite a bit since we last saw him but that won’t stop him from trying to help Sam, or subsequently Hannah when she calls on him. Hannah, his right hand man from last season if you recall, needs his assistance in hunting down angels that refuse to return to heaven. (Yes you heard that right) However, while it appears that Cas has become anti-free will once again, he is still deeply affected by his time as a human and I think he will be forced to choose between his two homes, unless he can combine them effectively.

In the meantime, not too much has changed with Sammy. He’s looking for his brother, which is a step in the right direction. But he’s also made some harrowing decisions. (when a demon calls you a monster, over your brother who is actually a demon, be scared) Decisions which then lead him to be kidnapped by some kid named Cole.

Cole. (or subplot #95, whatever you like to call him) Cole is a young ex-marine hunting Dean down for reasons as of yet unknown. I don’t know how I feel about him yet,(mostly cos he’s out to kill Dean) more on that as it unfolds.

Demon Dean is a package much more complicated than I expected. I knew he wasn’t going to care, I knew that he was going to do whatever he wanted. I just didn’t think that so much of Dean would still be a part of him.  It’s gut wrenching. (pff, I’m not desperately attached to this character at all)

Last but most certainly not least, Crowley. He’s never to be underestimated, ever. However his dependence on Dean is hilariously endearing. He also seems to have forgotten who he is dealing with. (newsflash Crowley: if Dean doesn’t wanna rebuild hell with you, he ain’t gonna do it)

As a whole, the episode was packed and will definitely need a rewatch (as soon as I am done with this) but it gave us what we wanted. There is so much to explore this season (after TEN YEARS) and I am thrilled.

Season 10 – here we come =]

Telly Adventures

I am not going to make excuses for this sad behavior, I know what I am guilty of.

However I have a keen interest in television and its workings and so obviously, I had to start watching some of the pilots that aired this week.

Forever on ABC is the first new show I’ve experimented with this year, and will not be the last, though that may bode ill for me. (let’s be honest, quality television is slim pickings every year)

Forever is about Henry Morgan, an English medical examiner in New York who is incapable of staying dead. Every time he dies he wakes up in ‘water’, or in this case the Hudson, and he’s completely naked. (that part was stressed though I have no idea why, I imagine it’s a set up for when his cop friend has to come get him and ends in awkward ‘comedy’)

There were certain bits in the show that made me laugh, merely because they were so ridiculous. (he performs an autopsy early in the episode that is really him just waving those giant scissors out of the cameras view, at least it was entertaining?) The ‘I only ever die and can’t trust anyone with my secret, so I’m a loner’ shtick was slightly out of place, but not entirely surprising.

Do not be alarmed though, friends who seek decent television, it was a decent romp and I adore Ioan Gruffud. (if you haven’t seen Amazing Grace you need to rethink your life choices) Also, this was merely the pilot so I’m giving it a chance to fix it’s very minor issues and engage me. I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress.


I’m going to officially labeling this segment because it will probably keep happening and this will make it official and stuff SO, all that to say, on Monday my family finally sat me down to watch The Escape Artist. (if you know me and my family you know how big of a deal that is, I nearly had to sell my soul to get them to watch Doctor Who)

Originally aired on BBC One, the three part (or two part depending where you are in the world) premiered on PBS as part of the Masterpiece Mystery series. (which is utterly fantastic by the way, drop that CSI and catch up on Agatha Christie’s Poirot instead)

This particular story is a thriller about Will Burton, a barrister with a perfect track record who agrees to defend a murder suspect, Liam Foyle, despite having misgivings about his innocence. Will successfully defends his client, but his suspicions about the man are confirmed when his wife is brutally murdered and he sees Foyle at the scene.

The first three quarters of the series are mostly as expected, as you go through the first and then second of Foyle’s trials. The whole situation is played so very realistically and the tension conveyed through music, acting and camera angles keeps you glued to the story.The END though! The final act is brilliantly written. (and acted, because David Tennant, duh)

Definitely watch The Escape Artist, soon if not yesterday.

A++ in my book =]

Finish what you start….Or, leave it hanging and start something else.

I know, I know.

I’m supposed to be finishing American Horror Story: Asylum. But it was midnight and I was restless and thought to my self, “why don’t you try out Twin Peaks? Haven’t you heard about that on Tumblr?”.

I mean midnight is a completely rubbish time to watch horror right? And I like a decent murder story right?

It wasn’t….I mean….

ok no, it was terrible. The pilot of Twin Peaks was terrible, but I didn’t turn it off, so that must mean something. I’m working my way through the second episode because supposedly it gets better. It will be a slow journey though….slow slow. Akin to the pacing in the pilot. **groan**

On a happier (?!) note, I’m on my way to catching up with Doctor Who, as I’ve just finished the Robin Hood episode. I enjoy Peter Capaldi, but I have yet to really attach myself to his Doctor. And that isn’t for lack of trying, this is the third season that Moffat has helmed the show and I’m still watching.



Sketch for the day – Mickey Winchester!

My multiple trips to Disneyland this week inspired this, I’ll have more of Sam and Cas later, after I’m done working my soul away.

“Lawrence, Kansas, 22 Years Ago”

This is the first of probably (very) many posts on this topic.

I wish I could say I’m sorry but I’m not.

Today is the 9th anniversary of the first airing of the pilot of Supernatural.

Now I only hopped on this band wagon (fandom, looney bin, whatever you like to call it) two years ago. I’d actually been battling with myself for months prior to giving in because my friends wanted me to give it a chance. However I couldn’t bring myself to stomach a tween show with talent-less douchebags and gratuitous sex. I was wrong ladies and gentlemen, so very very wrong.

I won’t get on a soapbox about how great this show is, or how ridiculously perfect everyone on the cast and crew is, or how grateful I am for the amount of work that they put into this show, or how perfectly wonderful they are with the fans (as I’m sure I’ll do all that later).

I will say Congrats guys! Not only has it been 9 awesome years – but they’re going into their TENTH season and still going strong. It’s inspiring, encouraging and gives me all sorts of happy feels.

It’s the year of the Deanmon and ya’ll can find me at my TV watching the CW on Tuesdays nights. I have no regrets! xD

P.S. the artwork featured with this is unfinished more or less on purpose. I was focusing on their physicality, which I thought I captured quite well =]

Relevant Post #1

I know this is a little late, and you’ll find that when it comes to contemporary pop culture I am usually late, so I apologize in advance.

Two days ago I finished the first season of American Horror Story. Considering the premise of the show it’s embarrassing that it took me this long to watch it. I love the horror genre, especially ghost stories, and I really should have picked up on this sooner. That being said, I’m now working my way through season two and I am rather excited for season four.

Not enough circus tales are taken seriously in the horror genre.

Anyway, the main plot is fairly typical of a horror movie; a family, the Harmons, move into an old house in Los Angeles, hoping for a new start. Of course the house they’ve chosen is the mother load of haunted houses, and of course they have no idea.

I really enjoyed the fact that no part of the show ever felt really cliche. Sure there were plenty “Don’t do that! Don’t go there! Just leave already!” moments, but we all secretly love those don’t we?

The cast is incredibly solid, Even Peters was fantastic as Tate. He’s grown quite a bit from his Phil of the Future days. Jessica Lange (DUH) was divine and I would have loved more of Sarah Paulson’s character (though clearly I will get that in season 2).

My favorite part of the show was the pay off. The beginning of every episode answered questions from the previous episodes, and satisfyingly tied up all the loose ends. The story structure is unique and refreshing and you don’t ever feel bored.

I have yet to see too many shows that can do that, usually because they have longer seasons with slower pacing. I appreciated it though, and I hope more shows emulate that.

I’ve started the second season and have been informed that I will enjoy it much more than the first, I’ll keep ya’ll posted. =]